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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year coming up.... During all the craziness of trying to keep up with school parties, work cookie exchanges, trying to make sure I bought all the ingredients I was going to need for Christmas day dinner and goodies....we went out riding the weekend before Christmas. Now, of course, my first instinct was, what? I can't budget that into the limited time left to make sure I have absolutely every little detail organized, as being driven by my relentless OCD right now. was beautiful. It was quiet. It was peaceful. It was just what I needed.

This season has been really sad and dark and frustrating for me. Not gonna dwell on's just that the ride was a place of solace for me in all the chaos that was mostly in my mind. When you confide in someone about sadness, depression or anxiety...meaning well, they usually immediately suggest medication. I know that it is necessary sometimes, but, if you can boost your endorphins naturally, why wouldn't you? Because it's harder. It takes effort. But, the outcome and benefits far outweigh the extra work it takes. Natural therapy.

So, put your arm and leg warmers or tights on, some ear warmers and head out... it is something you will not regret....

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