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Thursday, November 12, 2015

My Motivation

This kid..... So, I started late. Well, actually God had it planned out perfectly all along. I had decided that God had led me into the field I am in to help fill the void in my life of not being married and having a kiddo of my own. I work on the OB floor at my hospital and specialized in the NICU. Best job ever! Or so I thought......I was wrong, because being a mom is by far the best thing I have ever done - hands down.

I was 37 when I married a most amazing man, who didn't let me run him off... :) I was also blessed to get two very cool, full-of-life, talented and smart stepsons in the deal. Definitely had a full life then... but there was still a missing piece. But, that's okay. There's a reason for everything and I could accept that. So, when I did, I got a surprise - best surprise of my life.

So, here came Khyber. I have never loved anyone so much in my life. What a trip. He keeps me going all the time - he challenges me to be a better person because I know kids learn by watching us, He is my inspiration to stay healthy and do more and try more things. Because, I don't want him to be afraid to try new things, or be intimidated by the unknown, or let his fears dictate his decisions. I want him to remember his mom as the one who took some chances, wasn't afraid to say sorry or admit her mistakes and was always pushing him to be and do his best and love who he was.

These are big things. I don't want to fail because I just didn't try. Sure, I'm tired sometimes and I get overwhelmed, but the rewards are over the top! This kid has made my life so full, and fun and blessed and I am enjoying every day with him....

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