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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Living the Dream.......  :)
So, my name is Rodi and this is Devil Dog....the source of my check with reality earlier this summer and the most growth I've had in many years. I am a (48yr old) mom, wife, nurse, pursuer of becoming wiser, healthier and nicer, traveler through my world as I know it. :)
It's funny how you see yourself one way and one day your reality is redefined. My rude awakening came earlier this summer when my husband built up this amazing, so light and fast-I-can-climb-anything bike for me. First ride out on the trails and flying down my first hill on my rocket, sent me flying off my bike when I failed to give it the proper respect and handling it needed. See, I was, in my head, still the rider I was pre-kid 8 years ago. So, now I know. So, after weeks of padding and duck tape on my hand so I could grip the handle, and many walks down hills I used to give no thought to, I had to work through a lot of fear and head games and decide who I wanted to be. Did I want to just accept, as so many do, that I am just getting older and need to take it easier and grow older gracefully.
Um , no. Thanks, but, I cannot do that. I accept I am not 24 anymore. But, what is age? Why does it matter? My husband always says, "you're no different from any other human being. You can do whatever you set your mind to." So, I don't see myself as an age - I am going to be active and make healthy changes and stay on top of my game, so I can enjoy every bit of this life. I have an amazing husband who truly loves me unconditionally, a crazy smart and sassy kid I love more than life itself, and a whole world out there with many years to see it all with. What a journey....
So, my point to all this is that.....this blog is for me to hold myself accountable to these goals and ideals, and maybe meet some new people and learn from them as well.
Oh, and I'm riding again, better than I have in a lot of years and having a blast!
Life is Good!

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