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Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter...... well, I am counting down the weeks to spring. :) I've been out of the loop for  few weeks, and am ready to get back on it! I miss my bike! I am trying to enjoy each day for what it is. Trying to simplify my thinking and not dwell on wishing for the future. I'll miss what's going on now! My kiddo is growing and changing every day and I don't want to look back and wish then, that I had slowed down and enjoyed the crap out of him. I have an amazing best friend in my husband and so, does it matter what season it is? I'm hanging out with the best guy in the world!

Anyway, as a bit of a carrot.....I got my garden seeds in the mail and am plotting out my planting strategy for my garden this spring. I love my garden. I am not a natural green thumb, but I am learning - it's therapy for me. I am happy when I am hanging out in my garden. More on that later... :)

Happy winter people! Hang in there - it will be warm soon!

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